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Research Program 2 - Coatings and Corrosion

Extension of Safe Operating Life of New and Existing Energy Pipelines

The goal of this research program was to cost effectively extend the life of pipeline infrastructure by mitigating corrosion and environmentally assisted degradation of pipelines.
The experimental research thrust aimed to systematise degradation mechanisms and to develop protection strategies. One major area of research concerns coating selection, application and testing was supported through the establishment of the National Facility for Pipeline Coatings Assessment (NFPCA) hosted by Deakin University. Other research themes included cathodic protection and stress corrosion cracking.

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The Steering Committee overseeing RP2 was chaired by Alan Bryson  and the Program Leader was Associate Professor Mike Tan (Deakin University).

Key Program Areas

Coatings and Cathodic Protection
Coatings and Cathodic Protection:

Minimising corrosion through the selection, testing and application of optimal coatings along with appropriate cathodic protection strategies.

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Life Prediction and Asset management
Life Prediction and Asset management:

Developing predictions of pipeline life based on materials, corrosion protection and environment data allowing tailored asset management strategies.

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Stress Corrosion Cracking
Stress Corrosion Cracking:

Understanding the role of linepipe, environment and operating parameters on the form and growth of stress corrosion cracking. SCC

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RP2-01: Benchmarking Australian Pipeline SCC
RP2-02: Coatings to Minimise Corrosion
RP2-03: Cathodic Protection of Linepipe
RP2-04: Life Prediction and Asset Management
RP2-05: Tomography of Inclined Stress Corrosion Cracking
RP2-06A: Coatings Facility Phase 1
RP2-06B: Coatings Durability
RP2-06C: Coatings Facility Phase 2
RP2-06D: Coatings Facility Phase 3
RP2-07A: Benchmarking Pipeline Corrosion for Life Prediction
RP2-07B: Computational Life Prediction
RP2-07C: Pipeline Health Monitoring and Life Prediction
RP2-07D: Pipeline Operation Life Prediction
RP2-08A: Transient Loss of Cathodic Protection
RP2-08B: Transient Loss of Cathodic Protection Phase 2
RP2-09A: Mechanics of Inclined SCC
RP2-09B: Interaction of Inclined SCC Cracks
RP2-09C:Manufacturing processes for SCC resistance
RP2-11: Coatings Cracking and Disbondment
RP2-12:Cathodic shielding under disbonded coating
RP2-13: Predicting pipeline failure through corrosion modelling
RP2-14: Pipeline condition monitoring sensors
RP2-15: Prediction-based decision support framework for energy pipeline integrity management
RP2-16 Assessing coating integrity and CP efficiency of HDD pipelines
RP6.2-01: Lightning Damage of Energy Pipelines
RP6.2-02: Understanding SCC Initiation of Gas Pipelines
RP6.2-03: Understanding SCC initiation on gas pipelines - Phase II
RP6.2-04: Shore Crossing Cathodic Protection Test Program
RP6.2-04B Shore Crossing Cathodic Protection Test Program - Phase 2

RP6.2-05: High Voltage Holiday Testing Of Dual Layer FBE
RP6.2-06: Assessing coatings for pipelines installed by HDD
RP6.2-07: Determining polyethylene coating longevity and deterioration
RP6.2-08: Subsea Pipelines Coatings Degradation - Scoping Study

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