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Robert Newton
Robert Newton:
Chief Executive Officer

Robert is a chartered accountant with 30 years experience as a practicing accountant.

Robert has held a variety of company secretary and general manager roles within research and other organisations, including Reproductive Health Science Pty Ltd, vivoPharm Pty Ltd, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Research Foundation Inc and Institute of Craniofacial Studies Inc.

Prior to that Robert held several accounting roles in Australia and the UK, both in companies and private practice.

Robert is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dr Klaas van Alphen
Dr Klaas van Alphen:

Dr Klaas van Alphen is the Research and Innovation Manager for the Energy Pipelines CRC. In this role he is responsible for Delivery of a large portfolio of industry-led research projects, while maintaining a healthy pipeline of new research project proposals that represent a high value to industry.

A key part of Klaas' work is to identify and manage the Energy Pipelines CRC Intellectual Property (IP) with a strong focus on commercialisation opportunities.

Before joining the Energy Pipelines CRC, Klaas worked as a Senior Advisor for the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute. In this position he managed a number R&D projects undertaken by research bodies and corporates in North America, Europe and Australia.

Over recent years, Klaas has been actively involved in (inter)national research and industry fora, including the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association’s Research and Standards Committee (APGA-RSC), the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO TC265), and the Executive Committee of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme.

Before moving to Australia 2009, Klaas worked as a researcher in the Dutch Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation (Utrecht University) for nearly five years and was involved in various energy related research programs.

Klaas holds undergraduate and postgraduate science degrees and a PhD in carbon capture and storage research.

Matthew Byers
Matthew Byers:

Matthew Byers is the Communications Officer of the Energy Pipelines CRC. In this role he is responsible for ensuring that the flow of information to, from and within the Energy Pipelines CRC is effective, efficient and adds value to its research and education activities.

Matt is a graduate of the University of Wollongong majoring in Journalism and Politics. He has completed an internship with the Corporate Affairs team of Insurance Australia Group and brings a set of skills to the Energy Pipelines CRC that have been shaped by his long term personal interest in innovation and research for Australia’s future.

One of his key objectives at the Energy Pipelines CRC is to keep its communications platforms up to date and ensure that the valuable achievements of the Energy Pipelines CRC research projects are promoted both within the Industry, as well as to the government and the public. 

Matthew has a keen interest in how successful and efficient knowledge transfer can be achieved through multiple communications platforms and tailored to suit the audiences preference. 

Dr Fariba Mahdavi
Dr Fariba Mahdavi:

Dr. Fari Mahdavi is the Research Officer at Energy Pipelines CRC. In this role, she is responsible for assisting with developing new research proposals and managing the Energy Pipelines CRC research projects and externally funded activities. Providing technical advice to research program committees and research project teams are also part of her role in the EPCRC.

Before moving to Australia in 2013, Fariba worked for 6  years (2003-2009) as a research engineer in Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), focusing on developing and formulating protective coating systems for industries. She holds undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in engineering from the University of Kashan, Iran and the University Putra Malaysia and a Ph.D. degree in protective coatings from Deakin University, Australia.

Lyndal Worsfold
Lyndal Worsfold:

Lyndal Worsfold is the Education Officer for the Energy Pipelines CRC. In this part-time role, Lyndal is responsible for the coordination of education related activities.

Lyndal has another part-time role within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences as a Projects Officer for the NSW and ACT High Schools Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) Competitions and coordination of the STEM hands-on workshops travelling to high schools in regional communities.

Before moving to the University of Wollongong in 2009, Lyndal had 16 years of experience as a Chemical Engineer in industry, working at a number of BHP Billiton facilities across Australia. Lyndal worked in various roles ranging from Engineering Technology, Safety & Training, Risk Management, Operations and Human Resources.

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CEO's Update October 2018

CEO's Update October 2018


During October the management team were focussed on finalising the 17-18 Annual Report

Upcoming Research Seminar in Brisbane

Upcoming Research Seminar in Brisbane


The next Energy Pipelines CRC/ APGA RSC Seminar will be held on the 7th November 2018 at the Brisbane Hilton, Brisbane, Queensland.

Research Update October 2018

Research Update October 2018


Several research program steering committee and user group meetings were held were held during October.

New Research Reports October 2018

New Research Reports October 2018


An overview of recent Energy Pipelines CRC Research Reports.

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