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November 30, 2018 / Fari Mahdavi
Category: Research Projects 

New Research Reports November 2018

A listing of recently released research reports is provided below. Completed Reports are available on Energy Pipelines CRC website members area:
RP6.2-06: Assessing coatings for pipelines installed by HDD

  • Milestone Report 1: Test’s rig and condition design

RP2-15: Prediction-based decision support framework for pipeline integrity management

  • Final Report: A guideline for a data-centred integrity management process.

RP3-11B: Gas pipeline vent design and operation - Project 2- Study E

  • Final Report: Completion of Study E on dispersion of natural gas over flat and realistic terrains.

RP3-11B: Gas pipeline vent design and operation - Project 2- Study G

  • Final Report: Completion of Study G on pipeline vents location in urban areas.

RP6.2-07: Determining polyethylene coating longevity and deterioration

  • Milestone Report 1: Literature Review

RP1-07: Cracking in Polyethylene and other Polymer Pipelines

  • Milestone Report 2: OIT data set linking location, service life models to predict lifetime PE materials preliminary findings on nylon

The following research reports are currently being reviewed by industry.

RP6.2-04B: Shore Crossing Cathodic Protection Test Program – Phase 2

  • Milestone Report 1: Experimental testing the CP efficiency of offshore anode in protecting the onshore pipe in dry soil condition

RP4-23: Learning and decision making for improved process safety

  • Final Report: Narratives of Professional Practice

Latest News

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CEO's Update March 2019

CEO's Update March 2019


With all CRC funded research projects due to be completed by the end of April, March has been one of our busiest ever milestone months.

Research Update March 2019

Research Update March 2019


A number of Final Energy Pipelines CRC research projects are on track and heading towards completion

22nd Joint Technical Meeting To Be Held in Brisbane

22nd Joint Technical Meeting To Be Held in Brisbane


The 22nd Joint Technical meeting on Pipeline Research will be held in Brisbane from the 28 April to 3 May 2019.

CEO's Update February 2019

CEO's Update February 2019


With key industry advisors and researchers back at work by February, project activity has increased.

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