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May 31, 2019
Category: Research Update 

New Research Reports May 2019

A listing of recently released research reports is provided below. Completed Reports are available on Energy Pipelines CRC website members area:

RP2-14: Pipeline Condition Monitoring Sensors

Final Report: Additional semi-field testing of the corrosion sensor

RP2-16: Pipeline Coating Integrity and CP Efficiency in HDD Pipe

Final Report: Laboratory and semi-field testing of the integrity probe for HDD pipes

RP6.2-04B: Shore Crossing Cathodic Protection Test Program - Phase 2

Final Report: Laboratory experiments and data analysis

RP6.2-07: Determining polyethylene coating longevity and deterioration

Final Report: Laboratory coating aging and electrochemical measurements

RP3-13: EPCRC Fracture Velocity Model

Final Report: Developing and testing the user-interface for new version of EPDECOM

RP6.3-13: Fracture Control Code of Practice

Final Report: A code of practice for industry to control fracture of steel pipelines

The following research reports are out for industry review:

RP1-04B: WMHACC of X70 Linepipe Steel

Final Report: Influence of welding parameters on the susceptibility of X70 steel to WMHACC

RP2-09C: Manufacturing processes for SCC resistance

Final Report: Implication of research results to industry

Latest News

A Final Note From The Energy Pipelines CRC

A Final Note From The Energy Pipelines CRC


CEO Robert Newton reflects on the final months of the windup of the Energy Pipelines CRC and thanks all those involved.

CEO's Update June 2019

CEO's Update June 2019


Friday 28th June marks the official end of CRC funded activities for Energy Pipelines CRC.

Energy Pipelines CRC - A Snapshot of its Legacy

Energy Pipelines CRC - A Snapshot of its Legacy


Research and Innovation Manager Klaas van Alphen reflects on 10 years of research from the Energy Pipelines CRC.

Research Project Update June 2019

Research Project Update June 2019


Several research projects were finalised in June, bringing the total number of completed research projects to 107.

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