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February 28, 2019
Category: Research Projects 

New Research Reports February 2019

A listing of recently released research reports is provided below. Completed Reports are available on Energy Pipelines CRC website members’ area:
RP2-09C: Manufacturing processes for SCC resistance

  • Milestone Report 6: Completion of sample production

RP6.2-06: Assessing coatings for pipelines installed by HDD

  • Milestone Report 3: Application of Coatings and Test Rig design

RP4.20B: Urban Planning for Pipelines

  • Milestone Report 3: Urban Planning Around Pipelines - South Australian Case Study

The following research reports are out for industry review:

RP6.2-07: Determining polyethylene coating longevity and deterioration

  • Milestone Report 2: Polyethylene Coating Degradation and Electrochemical Testing

RP6.3-07: Understanding Pipeline Damage Caused By Drilling

  • Milestone Report 7: Completion of Laboratory Testings and Data Analysis

RP3-10: Emerging energy sources and their transportation

  • Milestone Report 4: Techno-economic modelling of pipelines for renewable fluids

RP3-11C: Gas pipeline vent design and operation- Project 3 high voltage power lines

  • Milestone Report 2 (UOW): Literature review on the ignition risk of high-voltage power lines

Latest News

CEO's Update June 2019

CEO's Update June 2019


Friday 28th June marks the official end of CRC funded activities for Energy Pipelines CRC.

Energy Pipelines CRC - A Snapshot of its Legacy

Energy Pipelines CRC - A Snapshot of its Legacy


Research and Innovation Manager Klaas van Alphen reflects on 10 years of research from the Energy Pipelines CRC.

Research Project Update June 2019

Research Project Update June 2019


Several research projects were finalised in June, bringing the total number of completed research projects to 107.

Andrew Hopkins Honoured In  Queens Birthday List

Andrew Hopkins Honoured In Queens Birthday List


Emeritus Professor Andrew Hopkins has been named in the Queens Birthday honours list as an Officer (AO) in the General Division in the Order of Austra …

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