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April 30, 2018 / Matthew Byers
Category: Research Projects 

New Research Reports April 2018

A listing of recently released research reports is provided below. Completed Reports are available on Energy Pipelines CRC website members area:

RP3-11B: Gas pipeline vent design and operation- Study E

  • Milestone report 6: Characteristics of natural gas pipeline blowdowns in built-up (populated) areas.

RP3-10: Emerging energy sources and their transportation

  • Milestone report 3: Compositions and properties of most likely alternative pipeline energy fluids, and pipeline gap analyses.

RP6.2-05: High voltage holiday testing of dual layer FBE

  • Milestone report 5: Determining the required voltages for holiday testing dual layer fusion bonded epoxy coatings after leaving the coating applicators site.

RP2-16: Assessing coating integrity and CP efficiency of HDD pipelines

  • Milestone report 7: Evaluation and development of testing methodologies for assessing the coating integrity of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipelines.

RP4-25: Effectiveness of External Interference Protection Controls

  • Final report: Assessment of physical and procedural controls outlined in AS2885 used to protect pipelines against external interference.

The following research reports are currently out for industry review:

RP6.2-04: Shore Crossing Cathodic Protection Test Program

  • Final report: Engineering Guidelines.

RP2-12: Cathodic shielding under disbonded coating

  • Milestone report 8: Quantification of the effects of cathodic shielding on corrosion under disbonded pipeline coatings.

RP2-14: Pipeline condition monitoring sensors

  • Milestone report 8: Laboratory and field results on Pipeline Condition Monitoring (PCM) system.

RP4-26: Economic and technical regulation

  • Final report: The impact of economic regulation on long term safety outcomes.

Latest News

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Robert Newton Appointed CEO of Energy Pipelines CRC

Robert Newton Appointed CEO of Energy Pipelines CRC


The Board of the Energy Pipelines CRC has announced that Mr Robert Newton has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Pipelines CRC.

CEO's Update August 2018

CEO's Update August 2018


A quick update for CEO David Norman on August 2018 at the Energy Pipelines CRC

Research Update August 2018

Research Update August 2018


A number of new projects commenced during August 2018.

New Research Reports August 2018

New Research Reports August 2018


An overview of recent Energy Pipelines CRC Research Reports.

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