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November 30, 2018 / Robert Newton
Category: CEO's Update 

CEO's Update November 2018

Click here to download the November 2018 edition of the Energy Pipelines CRC Newsletter.

The Energy Pipelines CRC held its final formal research dissemination seminar in Brisbane in early November.

Feedback on the presentations was very positive. Thank you to everyone who presented and to the attendees. These events have been highlights in our calendar as they have always provided an effective means to disseminate results quickly to an engaged audience.

There are a number of research projects to be completed before April 2019 and it is our intention to hold a series of webinars during the first half of 2019.

These will provide a forum for dissemination of the outcomes of specific projects and for feedback and questions on those projects. The webinars will be a “first” for Energy Pipelines CRC.

The Members’ Annual General Meeting for 2017-18 was held on 13 November. This meeting was the final part of our reporting process for the 2017-18 year.

The agenda items included the adoption of the 2017-18 statutory accounts and an update on the path to completion of the CRC funded activities in 2019.

The APGA Board were kind enough to allow me to provide an update on the activities of the Energy Pipelines CRC and of the progress towards the completion of activities, at their November meeting.

The 2018-19 first quarter in-kind reports were completed and circulated during the month. I am pleased to advise that we have now met our total staff in-kind and non-staff in-kind targets for the life of the CRC. Thank you to everyone who has provided their in-kind information.

There are still 3 more returns to be completed prior to completion of the CRC funded activities – this gives those who may have inadvertently forgotten to provide previous returns to supply their information. All will be greatly appreciated.

Whilst December is usually a month for winding down, the Centre staff will be planning for the next 6 months to ensure that the completion of the CRC activities and reporting to the Commonwealth and stakeholders is as seamless as possible.

Centre staff are also currently examining ways to highlight the legacy of the Energy Pipelines CRC. I look forward to sharing many of these initiatives with you over the coming months.

Latest News

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CEO's Update November 2018

CEO's Update November 2018


CEO Robert Newton reflects on a busy November at the Energy Pipelines CRC

18th and Final APGA RSC Research Seminar  Held In Brisbane

18th and Final APGA RSC Research Seminar Held In Brisbane


The 18th Energy Pipelines CRC/APGA RSC research seminar was held in Brisbane on the 6th November 2018.

New Research Reports November 2018

New Research Reports November 2018


A listing of recently released research reports is provided below. Completed Reports are available on Energy Pipelines CRC website members area:

CEO's Update October 2018

CEO's Update October 2018


During October the management team were focussed on finalising the 17-18 Annual Report

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