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February 28, 2019
Category: CEO's Update 

CEO's Update February 2019

Click here to download the February 2019 edition of the Energy Pipelines CRC Newsletter

With key industry advisors and researchers back at work by February, project activity has increased.

The RP1/RP3 and RP2 steering committees met during the month to review the status of current research projects within those program areas and to ensure that the remaining projects are completed by April.

The Board and Board Committees also met in February. Key items discussed included the updated transition plan, the financial forecast to end November, the status of the development of software and IP, and the risk management plan to the conclusion of the CRC.

The transition plan has been updated and recommended to the Participant representatives for comment. More detail on the transition plan will be provided in the March newsletter.

We held our first webinar on Friday 22 February and it appears to have been very successful. Planned future webinars are discussed in more detail in the newsletter.

We understand that there is some confusion on the current and future activities of Energy Pipelines CRC and Future Fuels CRC. Funding from the Commonwealth and industry for the CRC program of Energy Pipelines CRC will cease by 30 June 2019. There are a number of research projects under way that must be completed prior to that date in order for us to complete our final reporting requirements to the Commonwealth by end October 2019. The company will then transition.

In April 2018, the Commonwealth announced that the bid for funding for Future Fuels CRC was successful. The company was formally established in July 2018 and the agreement with the Participants was signed in late 2018.

The funding for the CRC is for a 7 year period, expiring in 2025. All of the Participating entities in Energy Pipelines CRC are also Participants in Future Fuels CRC, along with 8 new Participants.

The program of research to be undertaken in Future Fuels CRC is very different to that of Energy Pipelines CRC.

For the 2018-19 year, the operations of Energy Pipelines CRC and Future Fuels CRC have run in parallel under separate management. During this time, the Future Fuels team has been established, initial projects have been approved and are now under way. After June 2019, the operations of Energy Pipelines CRC will be wound down, whilst the activities within Future Fuels will ramp up.

Both entities have to report on cash and in-kind to the Commonwealth and, for some of you, this has meant completing two in-kind reports after each quarter.

The good news is that the final in-kind request for Energy Pipelines CRC will be sent out for completion in mid-May 2019. There will be an ongoing requirement to complete in-kind returns for Future Fuels CRC until June 2025.

If you have any questions on the activities of either entity, please do not hesitate to contact me or Future Fuels CRC CEO David Norman

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